Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Resolutions

In the past, I have had trouble setting goals for myself. I tended to expect outrageous things from myself, things that I would never expect from another human being. I would either end up shattered by my inability to reach said goals or worn thin attempting (and sometimes succeeding in) achieving them.

This year, I want to break the pattern. I made a few generalized, simple resolutions for myself. Resolutions that I can be excited about. Last January, my one resolution was to lose weight. I didn't care about anything else. This year, I have chosen to enjoy life - all aspects of life: food, friends, family, activities, etc. I can already tell that '09 is going to be a good fantastic year.

What are your resolutions for 2009?


Isle Dance  


I really enjoy the excitement of finding something really meaningful, that I want to work on, via New Year's Resolutions.

This year should be extra interesting!


well said katie! this is exactly the path i choose to take this year too! i believe you will have a fantastic year and future :)


i wish you a wonderful year to come,you deserve it! beautiful post.


Wow, love it!
Here is to a fantastic year!


Beautiful post, your goals are so real and mature. I love it =)

Best of Luck in 2009!


What great resolutions for the new year! Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year full of more delicious eats. I’m looking forward to future posts from The Summertree Cafe in 2009!


Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions!!


Happy New Year! That's a perfect resolution, and I'm sure one you'll be able to stick to. I'm not really a resolutiony person; going vegan is the only one I've ever stuck with!


great resolutions, they're so positive! happy new year!:D


Well said :D. I use the bagged cheese from whole foods, or even their brand of mozzarella that comes in a cube. I'm also quite picky about mozzarella, some cheeses are just too mild or even too salty!


really great resolutions, hope your new year is everything you want it to be, happy 2009

That Girl  

Those are great resolutions, I might just steal them!


I have too have sometimes come close to burning out by unrealistic expectations of myself. This year I wanted to choose a word to live by, or rather to create a theme around which my life would evolve. I've chosen two words, peace and harmony. Nice post and nice blog.


Best. Resolution. Ever! Mine is a bit less glamorous, I want to try new ingredients and new foods I've been to skeptical to try until now.

About the photography lighting set, he got it from ebay. I love it!


Great resolutions. Loving yourself is key to happiness in all parts of your life.


this will be a fantastic year, for sure! i love your goals.

annnd love that tree picture, so beautiful :)


That's an excellent's mine too.


Beautiful! You show wisdom beyond your years.


Hello new friend!

Yes...what a wonderful post.

It's gonna be a fantastic year for you.


They sound like good resolutions, I used to be just the same, the only resolution I have ever kept is to not make any. I am still working on my goals for the year.
Happy new year


this is beautiful, all around. I solute you and send you good karma :)


love the header picture. And I think your resolutions are attainable and will definitely enhance your life. Here's to you and your goals!

Hey Harriet  

A very happy new year to you! I no longer make resolutions because I never keep them, but I really like yours. So I think I'll make that my goal also. Enjoying life sounds perfect to me!


You have a beautiful writing style, Katie. I'm honored to share the same name as you haha.


Thanks, Anonymous! :)

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