Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Revelation

I have been dealing with some self-esteem issues lately, but I came to a realization while in the sauna at the gym (workout below.) I realized that my own negative thoughts about myself are the source of my body-image woes. I also realized that there is message sent to all women by the media, and that is that every woman should be constantly "improving" herself - tightening skin, toning muscle, tanning, manicuring,'s never-ending. And then I got it. That's how the beauty industry makes money, by convincing women that it is "weird" to be content and proud of their bodies. I love a manicure, I have an addiction to lotion, I adore working out...but I enjoy those things because they feel good to me. And I have decided that I am going to learn to appreciate my body. I am starting by doing and eating things that make me feel good.
The yummy food above is a raw breakfast I had the other day - Medjool dates (a Costco find), as well as a bowl consisting of 1/2 a grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, part of a banana & some pistachios. Defintely a colorful and filling morning meal.
In addition to embracing good food, I am also continuing my regular exercises...
  • 20 min. stair climber
  • 20 min. indoor rowing
  • 20 min. weights (arms)
  • 10 min. cool down/stretch
  • 10 min. sauna
  • Hopefully, I will continue to feel better and have a brigher perspective overall. What do you do you lift your mood?



    Katie, what a fabulous attitude! I wish I had had even one quarter or your insight at your age.

    Love that breakfast--colorful, sweet, juicy, fruity--everything you could want in the morning (and medjools are my favorite!). :)


    You do make such a valid point. We are constantly bombarded with the thoughts that we simply don't measure up.

    That Girl  

    I run to lift my mood. It actually works in several ways:
    1) I get to listen to my favorite music, and music is always a mood lifter for me.
    2) Clears my head. I can't worry and run at the same time, which helps me to get out of my funk.
    3) It makes you feel so good. Not just endorphin rush good, although that's nice, but it makes me feel so strong and capable, knowing that my legs work, my heart pumps, my lungs fill....
    4) It's as close as I can get to flying.


    Wow, what a great outlook on life. I'm so inspired by you girl!

    The raw breakfast looks heavenly and so good for you too.

    Have a great Saturday!!!


    oh katie that breakfast looks so yummy! don'tcha love costco dates? i do i do!

    and it's always surprising to me to learn that beautiful girls, like yourself, have self-esteem issues. if i had met you anywhere, i would've thought to myself, "that's one girl who doesn't need to worry about anything." :)


    love this entry girlie, everything you said is so true and very relevant to what ive been thinking about lately. its not about how we look but rahter how we FEEL!
    have a great weekend :)


    Hey Katie,

    Great post, everything you said is so true, at least you realized it at a young age.
    That breakfast looks amazing!! I have been putting pistachios in my raw cereal too! Mmm!
    I am with you on the eating better to feel better. I am in need of a detox!

    You are gorgeous by the way!


    How did you get to be so wise so young


    You are wise beyond your years, Katie! I wish I had had a friend like you to keep me positive during my teenage years!


    I'm with River!


    I know what you mean, it is almost like we're brainwashed into feeling insecure so that we buy more! I think what really makes me almost laugh are those pimple cream commercials with the girls with perfect skin! Or even the diet commercials where the girl is a healthy weight! The message they're sending...oh but how nice it is to see that not everyone is giving into that message. I like you're approach to a healthy lifestyle and sense of self, eating things that make you feel good!


    great positive attitude, the media pressure is so hard to deal, yummy breakfast. I like to paint or take photos, focus the attention on something else :)


    Well said Katie. I think you meal looks great and reminds me of the ones I have for lunch in the summer. I have a picture somewhere wich I will post to my blog if I can find it. Bob.


    I am sorry you are dealing with some of that crappy stuff, but the important part is that you have such a great attitude about it and aren't falling into the traps that so many of us are.
    Exercising lifts my mood - but it needs to be something that I enjoy doing, like a good step class with fun music, not just forcing myself on the treadmill because I think I need it.
    Also, talking with a good friend helps too :)


    You have such a good attitude! Listening to music and good workouts totally make my mood! Have a great day!


    I love the realization and the great attitude. Your breakfast also looks delicious and healthy!

    Regarding crumpets, they are a lot like english muffins but they are much more dense and bready. You can totally substitute them for english muffins (and I find them to be more satisfying, although I eat both).


    We all have our moods. Up and down, up and down. I am trying to find inner peace from the core - unshakable peace.

    It is a journey we all, who are interested will take in life.

    No one would love you more than you love yourself. Your revelation speaks volumes about yourself.

    You're gonna be alright kiddo;)

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I appreciate all your comments =)



    I can't believe how wise you are at such a young age. Your breakfast looks and sounds so healthy and tasty.


    You are incredible and inspirational. I love your pics of the food you create and I often forget that you even have the eating issues, it seems you enjoy food so much! Kudos to you for taking inventory of yourself, and congratulations on being so healthy! keep it up, your amazing.


    I agree completely. I hate seeing commercials where the women are PERFECT--size zero, blonde, gorgeous. I dont think there's any girl who feels a self-esteem boost after reading any magazine or watching 10 minutes of TV. Ugh.


    You are so totally right. The trick is to hold onto that knowledge while the world around you is trying to drum the opposite into you.

    To lift my mood I will play the piano, do some art or go running. If I can be with other people who love me that really helps too.

    I don't know you but inside every woman is someone beautiful and strong...we just have to find that part of ourselves and let it shine :)

    Michelle Hisae  

    To lift my mood, I try to get up and get moving. Running always helps me sweat out frustrations. Lately, yoga has been a big factor in stress reduction. I'm beginning to crave yoga more now. And blogging. I'm new to the blog world, and I love it. It's such a great way to know someone out there is listening. I just found your blog and I love it! Keep it up, girl.


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