Thursday, June 12, 2008

Refreshment from Mexico & Earrings on Flickr

I learned about licuados in Spanish class. They are fruity, summery drinks that have a consistency that is thinner than a smoothie. They are made with fruit, ice, and often milk. For this simple, refreshing version, the bubbles, sweetness & appeal are the same; it's the tofu that is unconventional.

I apologize for the time between posts - I just wasn't in a cooking mood for a few days there. I have some ideas for posts down the road, and I am hoping to enter more contests in the future. (I entered DMBLGIT a few days ago - my first!) I did finally make some jewelry. (Colored words = links!) Enjoy the recipe (and the earrings.)

This light Latin American drink is perfect for breakfast or a snack. It's a breeze to whip up.
  • 3/8 of a ripe honeydew melon
  • 9 oz. soft silken tofu
Cut up the honeydew and the tofu. Put the ingredients in a blender. Squeeze the honeydew rind to get all of the juice out - if the melon is ripe, you'll get a good amount. Blend well. Be aware of tofu chunks - they are hard to see, but inevitable if you don't blend it well enough. Serves 2.


Happy Herbivore!  

you made jewelry? I am so impressed and that beverage looks divine. must buy melons.


I love licuados! My mom used to make me and my sister a really delicious banana one.


Honydew = good.

tofu = good.

So I'm betting that liquado is good too. Only one way to find out for sure!


LOL Thanks for pointing out my embarrassing spelling mistake. I really should re-read my posts before I press the "Post" button :)


MMmmmm how refreshing Katie :D. There's nothing better during the summer than a licuado! A toast to you ;-)

Hope you want to play along... you've been tagged darling! Please follow the link

Nikki Miller-Ka  

I have a cooking class to teach in September about soy and I might put this on the list. Thank you!

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