Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Simplicity of Salt & Pepper

First of all...I got the job! (And the nametag, bow tie, visor, blue shirt and ugly shoes.) I am so eager to start - I have a couple of training days first, but then I'm officially on the work schedule. For now, I get minimum wage ($5.85/hr.) which is a few steps down from earning $10/hr. filing for my neighbor's business across the street. But I'm still excited! And I'm still employed with my neighbor.

Secondly...I am going to post another recipe soon. Not today though, today is simple. Today is for enjoying the basics - salt and pepper, essentially, but with some grits and mashed potatoes thrown in for good measure. Of course, they're not all mixed together. I have reasons for choosing these things - I love salt & peppers classic flavors & absolute power over food, grits because I used to live down South & potatoes because I'm part Irish. I also have a thing for whiskey sauce...I see bread pudding in the future :)

The weather here has been muggy and hot and we've had a number of intense thunderstorms that are unusual for this time of year. However, all of the humidity and sunshiny afternoons make for great swimming weather. Except I haven't gone yet! Tomorrow, tomorrow. I took the SAT (for practice) this morning and it kinda drained me. So tomorrow. Today I have a picture of the developing raspberries on my Flickr photostream. They are now shapely green orbs, and we've covered the bed to keep away the greedy birds. Also - I am now going to link all of the photos in my posts to my Flickr account. Click on one and see what happens! I'll post again soon.



I often hear from professional chefs that the most basic mistake that home cooks make is to not use enough salt and pepper.

Congrats on your job! Sorry about the ugly shoes!


the strawberry sauce uses agave nectar...yum yum! I get the Wholesome Sweetners brand.


Congrats on getting the job :o)

Sorry about the SATs... I remember how loooong and tiring those things were to take.

Salt makes everything taste better! When I was younger, I went through a phase where I thought all salt was bad for you, so I tried to reduce it in my diet. Well, it turns out that my family has a history of such low blood pressure that my doctor actually told me I needed to add MORE salt! I was happy to comply!


La sal y pimienta están en todos los sitios. Me encanta moler la pimienta. El otro día fui a buscar un moledor de pimienta de madera y no encontré, me compré uno eléctrico. Añoro los de madera, me gustaban.
Te escribo frases cortas para que practiques español. El otro día me preguntabas si marido y esposo era lo mismo. Sí, es lo mismo.
Hablo un poco francés y también inglés pero no con la soltura que me gustaría expresar al escribir. Así que tú que eres joven ve aprendiendo español.
Un abrazo.


I'm impressed... 14, a job, the sats, and a food blog. I've got my eye on you, you are going to do great things.

Nikki Miller-Ka  

Congratulations on the job. Where do you live? Minimum wage in North Carolina is $6.15. it's too low EVERYWHERE if you ask me...


Congrats with the job! Love your blog and keep cooking. I'll be back to check on what you have been making in your kitchen.

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