Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dearest Simplicity

I am almost embarrassed to share this recipe with you. It is so simple, you will probably laugh. To me, the technique is key to getting the lemony flavor just right. And the luscious green color? Positively inspiring. To me, at least. A nice contrast to the cold, brown world that exists outside of the kitchen. At least the sky is blue today...
Fat-free! Negative calorie! These babies are perfect if you are eating light. Or if you just adore their pungent flavor, as I do.

  • brussels sprouts, thoroughly cleaned, stems removed
  • juice of meyer lemons
  • freshly-cracked black pepper

You'll need the juice of 1 meyer lemon per 10 brussels sprouts. Squeeze it all out! OK, so the first thing you do is cut the brussels sprouts in half. If you have prepared them correctly, the will stay in tact. Now, steam them for 5-10 minutes or until they are almost perfectly soft. Now, transfer them to bowl containing the meyer lemon juice. Crack your pepper on top of them, as much as you wish. Put a tight-fitting lid over top of the bowl and let it sit (further steaming the brussels sprouts & infusing them with lemony goodness) for 4-5 minutes. Serve hot or cold with additional cracked pepper and any leftover lemon juice for dipping.



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Oh my gosh, what a lovely way to enjoy brussel sprouts|!


^^ does katie read chinese..?


Maybe I should try Brussels sprouts again! I hated them as a child. Your photos are so beautiful!!!


Love this!!! Brussels are one of my favorite veggies =)


Nothing embarassing about this recipe! Just deliciousness! I love brussel sprouts and I'm always looking for easy, flavorful ways to cook them! This one is going to sound out there, but have you ever tried brussel sprouts tossed in mustard (like nice mustard, not the uber-yellow stuff)? It's delicious!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums  

I love Brussel Sprouts! Sometimes, simple recipes are the best, so there's no need to feel embarassed... Delicious!




Like Chelsea I have never liked brussels, should give this a try tho I love all things lemon

Murasaki Shikibu  

Simple is best and it's always good to know more ways of cooking vegetables. :)

Love the layout of your blog too - it's very pretty.

Christie @ fig & cherry  

Love the simplicity! These are two of my favourite ingredients, although it's not that easy to get Meyer lemons in Oz...




I've really got to make brussels sprouts! I was so afraid of them when I was little, but I think it's because I ate them frozen and not fresh and lemony like this!


that reciepe sounds so nice, simple yet tasty :) thanks for sharing!
have a great monday hun


I love lemon on veggies! This sounds great!


i LOVE Brussels sprouts!

The Douglas & Lydia Stewart Clan  

What a fun site! You are one of those healthy cooks! :) Good for you- I need to show this site to my sister-in-law... she would love the gluten free recipes! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog. I'm happy to have discovered such a beautiful blog as yours.
I have browsed a little through your blog and find all the pictures and the compositions you have made amamzing!
This simple recipe loookd very tempting. I love recipes which have one ingredient too less than too much, if you know what i mean. Simple is the best!

BTW, one question: I haven't heard of a gluten free oats so far. Do you really get it like this? I thought those with guten intolerance cannot eat oats?


So green and gorgeous! I am a fairly new Brussels sprouts person, still stuck roasting them.


BEAUTIFUL pictures girl! I love brussels and this sounds yummy. I think its an awesome recipe!


I love the taste of brussels and I love the pics. :-)


Love the photos. The brussel sprounts look delicious.


Beautiful pictures! I'm so frustrated that I haven't been able to find meyer lemons at my local store.

Isle Dance  



Who knew Brussel sprouts could be pretty? Very nice :)


YUM. I can't wait til brussel sprouts are back in season here!


I have never had brussels sprouts - this recipe may get me to try them!


Do not be embarrassed to share that recipe! I have only tried Brussels sprouts one way before, so it was amazing to get another recipe. Thank you! I love the pretty step-by-step pictures, too :o)

Food For Tots  

I luv simple recipe becos this is the best way to bring out the original flavour. Luvly shots!


Seriously, simple is best a lot of the time!


Much of the time simple is often best. My husband would love this recipe as he LOVES both brussel sprouts and lemon.


Hooray for brussels!
Actually, I'm not mad about them, but will try them with lemon next time we have them.


I wouldn't know what to do with brussel sprouts so this simple recipe is perfect for me :)


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