Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick Day(s)

Flu? Cold? I don't know what it is - all I know is that I do not feel well - I've been tired and achy, with a headache & sore throat, for days. As a drudge through school and massive piles of homework, all I muster up is basic meals to keep me going. Basic doesn't mean bad, it just means simple. The mug contains warm almond milk + earl grey tea...I was craving a little more London Fog (see below), so I whipped one up myself :)

The photo above is a piece of PBJ toast that I had as a snack the other day - I was pretty tired when I made it...can you tell? Haha I spread it so sloppily, but it still tasted good.

The bowl is full of brown rice, salsa, & peas. Easy & flavorful. Hot drinks have been a must - the little Starbucks cup contained a short soy London Fog Latte.

Hopefully I will be better soon, and I will once again post recipes & other fun stuff. I do apologize for my prolonged absence. I am really miss blogging, and I am looking forward to getting over this bug (in time for the 5-day weekend?) so that I can get back into it.



Awwhh hang in there! Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!

Alisa - Frugal Foodie  

I hope you feel better soon!


love your photos :)


Lovely photos as always, hope you feel better soon :)


Get 100% well soon!!


Feel better soon love!!!

Jeez, even when your sick your pictures come out stunning!


Sorry to hear your sick! I have a touch of something as well (sore throat, stuffy, congested), it stinks! Feel better soon!

My hubby loves those new soy lattes at Starbucks..I've had them as well and YUMMM!

That Girl  

There's something going around. Thatboy was home sick from work last week Thursday and Friday. I've been sneezing all morning, and even Thatdog threw up his breakfast.


hope you feel better soon hun!pics look great anyways :)


Something is going around the blogosphere! Feel better sweets!


Get well soon! :)


I hope you feel better soon.

Beautiful photos as usual :)


I hope you feel better soon! The illness has not affected your beautiful photos.


I'm so sorry you caught a nasty bug! Hang in there girlie, I hope you feel better really really soon!


Hope you're feeling better!


I hope you feel better soon!


get well soon, drink lots of water. xoxo


You take such gorgeous photos, Katie!

I hope you feel better soon :)

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