Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Vegan! Part 1

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Due to a hearty snack after volleyball last night, I had a very light breakfast: a waffle with PB & banana slices (not pictured) and a ZenSoy Soy on the Go Cappuccino. Mmm mmm this was good. Pretty filling, too!
Lunch was simple - ½ of a PBJ on Ezekiel bread, a little bit of lettuce + baby carrots, and a bag of Brother's All-Natural Fuji Apple Chips. I actually didn't eat the apple chips because I still wasn't very hungry.

For mom cooked vegan! This miracle only happens on rare occasions :) It was a stir-fry of green onions, cauliflower, carrots, tofu, and clementines over rice noodles. Talk about delicious! I apologize for the photo...especially the placemat. It looks great in some photos, awful in others. sis M set the table.

I have been packed with activites and school assignments lately! I have a volleyball tournament coming up this weekend...I might just bring along my camera so that I can post a few photos. I'll make sure get a few shots of our food table especially for the blog ;] I've got a bunch of product reviews as well as some new, fun recipes planned. I also just did a Spanish project for school that was all about food. That post will be coming up in the next few days. "See" you all soon!



Best wishes with the V-ball! And love your eats, everything looks amazing!


missed your posts! good luck on volleyball!


Yum! What great healthy meals; your mom's stir fry looks pretty tasty too :).


Where did you get the ZenSoy? I haven't seen those before, and it sounds delicious! Go, Mom! Her dinner looks absolutely delicious. I love tofu stirfry!


Wow... what a healthy lunch you had :)


Aww, how sweet of your momma. I love how she added clemintines, sounds delish!

What are you talking about?! That picture is amazing!!!


How sweet of Mommy :)
I actually like the pic. :) You've got such high standards! I love it!

Rosa's Yummy Yums  

Healthy and delicious! Great food...




I don't mind a plate ofthe stirfry either :)
The picture of the tree looks wonderful! what a click! I haven't looked ata tree with this angle this winter atleast.
Thanks for the information about the GF oats. Didn't know about it.


Good luck with the volleyball.
The stir fry looks yum, I have never thought of putting anything like fruit in a stir fry


The stir fry sounds wonderful - especially the addition of clementines.

Good luck at your tournament.

Murasaki Shikibu  

I'm not a vegan (obviously) but there was a time in my life when I tried to dramatically increase my vegetable/legumes intake and have a few favorite recipes from this time.

Again I have to say I love your photography and I think the little lunches you pack are so cute!


great eats hun :)
i miss your posts! hope the basketball goes well and i look forward to the upcmoing posts :)


Good-luck in your tourney! Great lookin dinner by you mom too!


Lovely eats!!

Good luck in the tournament!!

Hang in there with the busyness!!


Good luck with volleyball! Can't wait for that next post!

Isle Dance  

It's beautiful!

Ciao Chow Linda  

Katie - I just got back from Italy and picked a name out of the hat for my giveaway on You're the winner of the chocolates I brought home from Italy. But your blog doesn't list any email address. Mine is Email me with your name and address so I can mail the chocolates.
PS The correct name of the drink is bombardino.


good luck with volleyball! that soy on the go looks so cute, i'm gonna look that product up!


Wow, you are wicked healthy. Hehe, I envy the cute little packed lunch. I def ought to start doing thaqt...
And that tree pic at the beginning is way cool.
Good luck with volleyball!

Food For Tots  

Good luck in your volleyball tournament! What a colourful vegan dish!

Ciao Chow Linda  

Katie - If I don't hear from you before Sunday, I'm going to have to pick a different name for my chocolate giveaway. Thanks.



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