Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Vegan! Part 2

This breakfast is an old favorite of mine that I haven't had in a while - puffed rice & pineapple. Usually, I eat this combo sans yogurt, with lots of pineapple juice and walnuts on top. Today I switched it up: I got my healthy fats this morning from the plain coconut milk yogurt (complete Turtle Mountain review coming soon!) that I used. YUM!

Lunch was a simple salad of romaine + strawberries, with some Mareblu Naturals nuts (again, review coming soon!) as well as a clementine.
I had a special treat with dinner: a soda! I rarely drink pop, but I was craving it. I had a Fitz's Cream soda mixed with the juice of 2 meyer lemons & 1/2 of a lime. It really gave this drink an extra POW! Fitz's is semi-local (St. Louis, MO) and made without high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. My dad & sister are addicted :) Dinner was rice & beans with salsa, lettuce & carrots, and a corn muffin. Rice & beans is somewhat of a staple at my house - always filling, and always good.
I feel like I am constantly apologizing for my lack of blogging! I will get some automatic posts up soon. Softball tryouts were all this week, so I'll let you all know if I made the team as soon as the results are posted. Have a great night!



Mmm, your breakfast looks so delicious!


Oh wow, love your colorful eats!


Yum, that breakfast sounds delicious! I love pineapple. So sweet and delicious!


Love the breakfast, yum yum and the rice and beans look fab :) dont worry about not posting much, its quality not quantity :)


that breakfast looks soo good :)

Murasaki Shikibu  

Rice & beans...yum!

Luckily legumes are dirt cheap in Spain and ever since I've come here I've eating tons of lentils, chickpea, fava beans, kidney beans and black beans. :)

The Mediterranean diet used to contain lots of legumes but Spanish youth are going ultra unhealthy and refuse to eat beans because they might f*rt and eat burgers and drink beer. A pity when they have such a wonderful heritage of healthier eating.

People seem to be switching over to instant coffee from the real thing too. Reallly amazing (in a bad way)...


Yum, yum, yum!! And don't apologize - just blog whenever you can :-)


good luck!!!

your food always looks so healthy and delicious!


Everything looks so tasty and colorful! Good luck with softball!


No need to apologize! Good luck with the tryouts :D.

I am the same way when it comes to soda, don't drink it much, but when I do--I make sure it's a special one. I like your idea of adding a little lime juice, how cool!


All these foods look so fresh and yummy. Perfect!

Ciao Chow Linda  

Katie - Last chance for the giveaway chocolates you won. Email me at before 8 a.m. Monday EST with your details so I can mail you the chocolates I brought back from Italy. Otherwise, I'll pick another winner at random from the others who replied. Thanks. Linda


That breakfast looks delicious! I've never thought about putting pineapple in my cereal but I absolutely have to try it ASAP.

I love your pictures. The colors all just look so vibrant and alive! Good, clean eats too!


Never thought of eating puffed rice like this. Delicious! Had not heard of coconut milk yogurt, WOW!
The lunch and dinner both look so tempting!
All the best with the tryouts!


You eat so clean! I love it!
P.S. Your room is beautiful!!! I love the bright colors!


You are so talented! Can not believe you are only 16! Keep you with the photography you are a natural!


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