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Coconut Plantains With Purée of Sweet Potato

I don't usually make/consume/crave fried foods. Ever. But when I was in Florida, I tried fried plantains. And I fell in love. I had to attempt this dish myself. Ta-da!


A twist on a classic Caribbean dish, the plantains are pan-fried in thyroid-stimulating, cancer protecting organic virgin coconut oil, which gives them a sweet taste and health benefits, too. Serves 3-4.

  • 1 dark yellow plantain (brown or black spots are fine)
  • 1T organic virgin coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup sweet potato purée

Peel the plantain and slice into bite-sized rounds. Put the coconut oil in the pan and fry the plantain pieces on medium heat until brown. Flip and brown the other side. Remove from pan immediately. Serve hot with purée as a dipping sauce.



I've never tried plantains before but these look scruptious!

Just like how you tried these in Flordia, I get my inspiration from locations around the world. Sometimes I can go a week just eating mexican food, other times I crave something Indian. I love to try new cuisines too, so I look for those different recipes too. Also when I buy or find a new kitchen gadget I want to use it right away. Like my mom found her old immursion blender and I just had to use it to make soup =)


Never had plantains or sweet potato until I moved to the US and I love them! Sounds great!!


oh Katie, I have never heard of plantains before but they look like a real sweet treat!


Oh I also just learnt about plantains from your post! Your food layout is so cutez!


Plantains are new to me but they look great! Using coconut oil makes them sound even more tasty.


Such a gorgeous dish!!


Beautiful presentation and the flavors sounds great!

Robin Sue  

You go girl! Those look fantastic! Oh and to serve with the sweet potato dip you are a genius!


Living in Tampa, I learned about Plantains! Oh they are so good...the blacker the better and just saute in butter! So simple, so sweet....sooooo good!


hi katie. this recipe is different and looks delicious.

To answer your question about daal, each region has it's speciality dish prepared with the daal. Most south indians prepare sambar or rasam using daal. Rasam tastes like soup and sambar is more like a stew. Hope that answers a little bit atleast :)


That recipe looks amazing! And I love the food photography - so elegant :o)

I'm adding you to my blogroll, Katie.


If you don't mind..that is!


Hi Katie,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your recipes and pictures look great. I love plantains, any shape or form. A friend from Columbia introduced me to them years ago and I have enjoyed them since. These look so good!

Mallory Elise  

salut Katie--merci for dropping by my blog, you say you speak French oui? i would have sent you an email, but you don't list one! I will say---they both are difficult. I studied French 7 years and lived in France for a yar before i dared say i was "fluent", but i've only been trying to learn Potuguese for about 6 months now, hey and i've been trying to learn violin fro 5! chouette non. But this time the language isnt done at a school--i'm on my own so i think its a lot harder. Grammar books, dictionaries, MUSIC, movies, and having a Brasilian helps too (ok ok you could get yourself a Portuguese I suppose...but the Brasilian accent is much cuter) But I'll tell you that I found German to be a hell of a lot easier than both!! Are you really 14!? i thought i was the youngest foodie blogger and im 22! haha. bravo! Tu as l'esprit et le talent, n'inquiete pas tu vas voyager partout un jour!

bisous et beijos!


Wow, I've never heard of virgin coconut oil!! And coming from the tropics I thought I knew every use of the coconut!! I looovee bananas and totally adore sweet potatoes, so I'd say, this one's a dish for me!! Beautiful job!! And you are only 14?? Wow!!

Christie @ fig & cherry  

I looooove plantains! This is so creative - yum! I've tried rolling in egg white and coconut and baking before - it works a treat. But coconut oil, that's something else! ;)


I've always wanted to try plaintains - and this confirms it again. Delicious looking dish!

Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm)  

Thanks for hopping over to my site. I assume you are a vegetarian???? Have never had plantains, but you are surely tempting me to try and find them.


I've never tried plantains, but I want to! Yours look yummy.

Love your blog :)


my oh my! That dish looks like it came out of a restaurant!! GREAT presentation!! I never had plantains before ... I'm intrigued ....

Patricia Scarpin  

I have never tried plantains, but I could not resist such a beautiful dish!

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Plantains are my favourite kind of bananas. I've never had them this way before but they look sooo good!


Thsi look wonderful! you are so creative!! Like it xxxGloria


Clearly I share the opinion of many - those plantains look fantastic! And to answer your question about Boston's year round weather - the summer and fall are amazing, but the winter is pretty brutal and the spring can be amazing or rainy as all get out :)


These are all my favorite things and I grew up with these food. Cheers

Susie Homemaker  

Good're 14?? i was nothing like you at 14. I am not even sure I knew where the kitchen was at 14.
You have a great blog going, and I will be sure to keep coming back!

(oh, and do travel the world someday...I really hope you do. There are so many great things out there to see and do... )


THese do look fantastic Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have discovered a new one and I like that. Never had plaintains before...


Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I have never tried plantains, but good it is heard!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums  

I love plantains and sweet potatoes! That recipe sounds good!




Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by my log. I am really impressed by all of the great looking stuff here on your blog. And you have some beautiful pictures on here, too. I don' think I've ever met a 14yo who was quite so interested in food. Keep up the good work! I'll be stopping by more often for sure!


I like the idea of the sweet potato puree. Looks like a nice compliment. Thanks for sharing!

see you there!  

We cook plantains but have never tried frying with coconut oil. I looked back through your blog and found several recipe I'm going to have another look at.

Thanks for visiting my blog!



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They look lovely, Katie! I can only imagine how amazing they must taste :)


Hi Katie,
In answer to your question about the berry patch we go to, the place is pretty popular but if you go early in the morning it's not that bad. A lot of farms have gone commercial in order to raise their income-- that's why I love my CSA. Since it is for members only, it's just simple and wholesome. They just don't have any berries to pick this year so I had to go somewhere else.


Looks so good. I think I would eat the entire thing, is that wrong? :-). Drooling here.


Look at this gorgeous blog! What am I doing leaving a comment? I've got to get back to all your yummy foods-those muffins and the mediterannean salad. I'll be back!


Fabulous presentation! Well done on your blog, it looks great!


oooh, these look amazing- simple but perfect.


oooh, these look amazing- simple but perfect.


I'm back...I have an award for you. Check out my blog when you get a minute! :o)


These sound good! I have been wanting to try plantains for a while now.


Sounds so easy to make. I love plantains but never had them with sweet potatoes before.


Never tried plantains before and now I have a reason. They look delicious.


How beautifully and artistic you have arranged your food :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me here.


What a gorgeous presentation! I've never tried plantains before...but this post has me craving them!! Thanks again for a recipe! :0)

Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food)  

Love the creative and artistic layout of the food!


I love plantains and I bet they are delicious with your lovely puree. I love how you have presented them. :-)


I love how these resemble scallops but they are not! Love plantains...thanks for commenting on my blog too lady.

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