Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Florida Panhandle

Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Home to my second cousins, their gorgeous backyard, invitingingly crisp pool - a place where good food and colorful flowers are aplenty.

Panama City Beach, Florida. A city bursting with surprisingly attractive public beach access boardwalks that lead to pristine, snowy-white, fairly uncrowded stretches of sand and sea (uncrowded especially at 5AM), unique and delicious seafood restaurants, palm trees, and mango key lime pie.

It has been too long, my friends. I'll post a recipe ASAP - I recently made a trip to both Whole Foods & the local farmer's market. Also - I am awaiting the arrival of Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 that I bought online (for $50 dollars off! Score!) When it arrives, I'll finally be able to make my blog look decent. Ha-ha. I've missed you all! For more pictures from my vacation, check out my Flickr photostream.



Hope you had a fun trip!
Great pictures! :)


Hey girl,
Welcome back! Your photos look so beautiful and professional!


Welcome back. I think your blog looks fantastic as it is!!


Such gorgeous photographs!


I hope you have a very nice trip.
Disfruta mucho de tu estancia en casa y ya me cuentas.
Un abrazo.

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