Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mediterranean on the Mind...

...and in the mouth.

Spring greens with mild olives, cherry tomatoes & Humboldt Fog cheese make up a tasty Greek-inspired salad. Instant hummus (from the bulk bins at Whole Foods) makes a great dip for pita bread.

I am dreaming of Greece, Italy, Egypt, Spain. Morrocco, Turkey, Israel, France. There is no shortage of inspiration in the Mediterranean; I'll have a recipe soon. Very soon. And jewelry, too. I promise.



How did you like the hummus from the Whole Foods bulk bins? I'm looking to buy a new brand...and possibly try to make my own! I can't wait for a new recipe! PS...your vegetable salad from the previous post looks beautiful!


What a great, colorful and healthy plate!


Your salad looks superb! I was going to buy the same hummus to but I wasn't sure if it would be any good either.


I love Greek/Mediterranean salads! Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm excited to read yours now! :o)


Looks lovely and healthy Katie very nice. :-)


Your Mediterranean salad combination really stands out with color and flavor! Beautiful! So, what kind of jewelry do you like to make?


i love your blog! and i see that you like piano and violin.... if you drop me a quick visit you'll see why this makes me happy :) will keep reading!

Apples and Butter  

Great salad Katie and love the Humboldt Fog cheese! If you get the opportunity you have to check out Cypress Grove's Truffle Tremor. It's one of their new ones and it's unreal.


YUM! That salad is so pretty!


just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog... i'm glad you did because now i discovered your fabulous blog! i can't wait to see the jewelry too!


thank you for dropping in! i do play the piano, i'm a student in a music uni in the uk at the moment, taking first study piano performance. used to play the violin but i quit, had no time to practise it and didn't like it half as much as piano! what kind of things do you like to play? also on a completely different note, do you know any healthy food bloggers based in the uk??


My response to your question is hardly brief so I figured I'd just leave it on your blog :)
Study abroad if you can! I can't even describe living in another country but believe me when I say that it is, by far, one of the best decisions I've made and I'm so thankful for the opportunity with each new day. As for my future, I'm a magazine journalism major and want to ideally want to work for a travel & food magazine, a combo of my two obvious passions! My other major, Spanish & French is solely for my own pleasure. I have family from Mexico, Colombia and Spain but was not raised fluent and my best friend in the whole-wide-world is Parisian (not to mention that I've been completely fascinated with French culture for as long as I can remember) so there's my trilingualism in a few years I hope!

P.S. Great blog!


Nice healthy plate. I love hummus and pita so much.


Yum! I love a good Greek salad, and I adore Humboldt Fog, so this is a great combo for me.

I've never seen instant hummus. I usually just make mine in a mini food processor. It's so very easy.


Katie, i was in Turkey last year.Is wonderful.If you like in my blog there are some photos.

Im going to cook pistachos ice cream and I would like publish in my blog , of course saying your name and your blog. What do you think? sorry about my english, is too bad.But do you understand?


I think this is making me hungry so bad...and it is not even lunch time yet! Lovely salad!!


This bears a striking resemblance to my lunch today! I absolutely heart hummus, and make a batch almost every week. I'll have to scope out some of Whole Foods' instant hummus to have on hand in emergencies!


YUMMY! My kind of meal!!


Katie- I LOVE Greek food, and for the past year have been trying to perfect the Greek salad. I wrote about it at: (though this recipe is just an improved version from the Williams Sonoma Salads Book- a great cookbook).
Your salad looks delish!

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