Monday, September 22, 2008

Five Stars

This delicious, raw lunchbox is made up of a salad topped with 1/2 an Apple Pear and a handful of raw almonds as well as a thinkOrganic Chocolate Coconut fruit & nut bar.

The raw bar was very tasty, but not quite what I expected. It could've used a bit more coconut, but I would definitely try other flavors from this company. Overall, it was a very satisfying lunch.


That Girl  

I love when you post your lunches since I make lunch for Thatboy and I every day. I'm always looking for ideas.


so healthy and delicious ... is this for lunch or tea break? The packaging for the health bar is nice hehe

just me  

mmmm lunch sounds good! i like the pear w/ your salad!

Isle Dance  

Tasty and oh so pretty! I tend to forget to eat my raw almonds, but when I do, they sure fill up the tummy in no time flat. Thanks you so much for sharing this! :o)


Satisfying and healthy! I love raw almonds - they are so tasty.


What a pretty little lunch. What did you use for dressing, or did you skip it?

Green Eyes, Green Heart  

Sorry the bar was a disappointment...don't you just hate it when that happens? :)
I think Larabars are the best raw bars, hands down.
I really like your blog! :D

~Erin @ "Vegan & the City"


Your lunch looks great! I am fairly new to seitan, this is only my fourth or fifth time making it but I am getting better. It is made with wheat gluten flour mixed with a liquid and whatever spices you want and then either boiled, baked, or steamed. The lunch meat was a combination of being steamed first and then boiled. It is more meaty in texture than tofu or tempeh. VeganDad has LOTS of seitan recipes on his blog.


Have you tried Larabars? They are soooo good. They have a chocolate coconut one that I find really coconutty.

Hey Harriet  

Certainly looks like a satisfying lunch. One that I'd be more than satisfyed with! I love those 'bounty bars' but I don't believe there is anything organic about them. They sure are tasty though :)

PS - Yes I folded the paper peace cranes myself. Cranes are the extent of my origami skills...


Ooo, I love pears in salads!
Yea, I don't really like those bars either...nothing beats a larabar!


It looks like you put so much thought into your photos, they look really good. Id love to find bars like this in the UK, but they are always full of sugar and other horrible things, you are better off eating chocolate!!


Mmm, I love a pear in a salad. Fruit spruces up any greens! Also, thanks for the review on the bar - I've tried Larabars in similar flavors and found them to be pretty good, so maybe I'll look into that one next time!


There's an award waiting for you on my blog... When you get a chance come and take a look.:-)


Your lunches are always so beautiful. And they're healthy, too. Good job!


I'd been curious about those bars - are they raw? Sounds good though and I agree everything could use more coconut. :) Salad looks great.


super cute lunch box...and yummmmmy coconut!!!!!!!!


Yum, this sounds like my kind of lunch! I've been wanting to try that raw bar, so thanks for including a review!


Those harvest bars look great! I went to the website and they sell them in NYC so I might have to get some... the ingredients and the nutritionals looks good too!


chocolate and coconut reminds me of macaroons.. I'm definitely going to try this if I ever see it.


Don't try the brownie or peanut butter. Disgusting. Well, maybe if you liked this one, you'd like the others.

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