Friday, September 26, 2008

Mitzi Likes to Swing

The wooden swing on the back porch is one of Mitzi's favorite hang outs. She likes to sway back and forth. I have seen her fall asleep on the swing a couple of times! I was outside doing some food photography this morning and she just looked so cute; I couldn't resist taking a few shots of her as well.



such a beautiful kitty! what a life! must be nice to hang around in the lovely fall weather and swing the day away....

Simple and Divine  

Oh. My. Gawd. I just melted into my chair.... SO PRECIOUS!!! Can my Mylo and your Mitzi PULLLEEAASSEEE make babies?? She's absolutely Divine!

My Erin's going to FLIP :)


OH MY GOD! I love your cat! She's so sweet! I can't believe she sits on the swing and sways. That sounds dreamy. What a little pumpkin! I wanna hug her!


Such a pretty kitty! I love her beautiful big blue eyes.

That Girl  

So I have to tell you, I have a huge cat bias - I hate angular cat faces. The fatter the face, the better. Mitzi has one of the cutest fat faces ever!


How did you get her to sit so long?! My cat would have ben rubbing against the posts and me and just running around everywhere! hehe Mitzi is SO adorable and whats funny is...I used to have a cat with the same markings (but shorthair) and her name was Mitzi!! =p


What a gorgeous kitty you have!


I am so in love with Mitzi!!! She just has such a unique look, and I think all 3 photos are definitely frame-worthy!

just me  

I'm not much for kitties but she is sooooo beautiful!!!

Isle Dance  

What! Gorgeous! Photos! And what a sweet baby you have. :o)

Hey Harriet  

Oh Mitzi is so adorable! These are stunning photos of her! How sweet she is! :)


You're making me miss my little kitty. boo hoo. Aren't cats just the most amazing animals?


These photographs of Mitzi are beyond striking and phenomenal - wowza!!


What a gorgeous fall photo, inspiring me to have a lazy fall afternoon on a porch swing too.


My little boy thought your cat was so cute... She is so sweet looking. Those pictures are great. You should turn that first on into a card... that shot is perfect. :-)


yay ... mitzi updates!! XD She's such a pretty kitty, love these photos. She has a new fan now ;)

Mallory Elise  

your cats face is so flat! hehe! that's the flattest face i've ever seen! one of my roommates got a cat >:( maybe i should smash its face with something to flatten it too.....kidding kidding!


Great photos! She is so beautiful. I love her little face.


We are cat lovers - we have two. Mitzi is so darn cute! Love those eyes.


oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lovely pics. I love the first shot, especially. She's a beaut, Katie :)


Your cat is so freakin cute!


She's gorgeous!

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