Monday, September 8, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Is it possible that very good things can come from (seemingly) very bad things? Of course. Especially when I ended up with decent food prep photos even though the zucchini-fig bread I (attempted) to make was (abolsutely) disgusting. Ah, darn you, gluten-free baking. I will try again soon.

Coming up...

  • raw food bar review + a raw bento
  • yummy, wholesome granola
  • sophisticated toaster pops (when I get my volleyball-playing butt to Whole Foods, that is)
  • vegan panna cotta (see above)



hi katie - to answer your question about the salad - the chipotles come in a can w/the adobo sauce already in the can... you'll find them in the international or ethnic food aisle in your grocery store, near the enchilada and taco sauce.


Aww, sorry about the baking blunder =(

I can't wait for the toaster pops!


The pictures are great. Sorry the gluten free baking didn't go so well. I have flops every so often and then it usually is followed by a success. The next one will be a hit Katie!


beautiful, picture perfect moment :D

Hey Harriet  

Oh that's a pity that the zucchini-fig bread didn't turn out. The photos are cool though! Looking forward to what's 'coming up' :)


I had a baking disaster last night too... strawberry yogurt loaf... its so disappointing when you have nice ingredients and the batter looks so promising and then it is ruined in the oven! The loaf was burnt around the edges and mush in the middle :(

I used up all the strawberries and yogurt so I couldn't even try again :(

But I'm going to bake something with peaches tonight to make up for it! And my beau wanted so badly to cheer me that he promised to buy me a new oven! yah!

Your shreddy zucchini shot is fantastic by the way :)


Where did you find figs at?! I'm jealous.


It happens to all of us. Live and learn :)
Toaster pops, yay!


I love the pictures.

I tagged you for a meme over at if you have time!


Zucchini fig bread? I could have never imagined a bread with these two ingredients!!!!
I would love to know how you bake it! Learning is failing and retrying :D

Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food)  

Too bad it didn't taste good :(

I'm excited about the yummy, wholesome granola!


what a great blog! and a fantastic name, too! keep on trying the stinks when something doesnt, but that makes it even better when you make something that's delicious!

Katherine Aucoin  

Zucchini and fig bread, what a unique combination! Sorry it didn't turn out as you planned but I know you'll nail it. Baking is not one of my strong suits, it's to exact for me. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed browsing through yours. You have wonderful recipes and great photos.


Oh, well-not everything turns out in the kitchen lab. The prep looks awfully pretty and the idea sounds good.


Gluten free baking can be so challanging. Zucchini-fig bread? I am intriqued.


The ingredients sound great, I am sorry it didn't turn out good. We all have those cooking disaster moments. It makes us appreciate a great recipe even more.


The ingredients sound great, I am sorry it didn't turn out good. We all have those cooking disaster moments. It makes us appreciate a great recipe even more.


Hi Katie, thanks for visiting my blog. You have a great blog here! I've enjoyed looking through all your posts!


I can only imagine how difficult gluten free baking would be. I can barely keep up with regular baking techniques as it is.

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