Sunday, October 19, 2008

A "Gnu" Find

A big thanks to Gnu Foods for an abundance of delicious samples...

Orange Cranberry: Somewhat tart and very fruity, this flavor was my favorite. Go figure - I have a thing for cranberries and oranges.

Cinnamon Raisin: Like a healthy cinnamon roll! It was not too sweet, but it was still very decadent. The raisins really added to the flavor and texture.

Chocolate Brownie: This flavor was decadent yet not overly sweet. It tasted healthy, but it a good way. I really enjoyed it.

Banana Walnut: Like a high-fiber slice of banana bread. Moist and flavorful.

Peanut Butter: This is a strange flavor at a first bight, but it gets immediately better. It could've used a little bit more PB taste, but it had a great texture and was filling.


Erin of Care to Eat  

Yay! Thanks for reviewing! It's so helpful to hear from trustworthy people before hitting the bar aisle.

just me  

thanks for the review! I've seen a few people eat them but i haven't been able to try one myself...they're a little expensive. one day!


I love this picture with the rocks in the background! Your photography skills are magnificent!

I love Gnu bars - but my favorite is definitely the Banana Walnut because you're right, it honestly tastes just like a slice of banana bread!

Thanks for the review :o) YAY samples!!

Hey Harriet  

Wow! You sure are lucky to be receiving all these samples to try out! They all sound quite yummy to me! I love the way you photographed them also :)


Those sound good.


The flavors sound great but I love that they are filled with fiber.


I've never tried these bars but I find it so helpful when you review products because I know you have good taste and it saves me from wasting money on not-so-good treats

That Girl  

I think Orange Cranberry would be my favorite too.


I love the way you put them on the rocks for the photo. Those toaster pops, especially with the heart cut out look so yummy!

Simple and Divine  

I have adored these guys FOR EVER! Like 3 years... Well, it seems like forever to me. Haha... The Cranberry Orange is my favorite by far because it is so EFFORTLESSLY refreshing and smells of fresh cranberry sauce and fresh orange zest. It is DIVINE <3

With the Banana one! Make sure to pop it into the microwave for 15-20 seconds! It's PERFECT like that, and eaten with some warmed up banana chunks in the microwave and some YOGURT! ( I use Greek, but I consume dairy... So I would advise maybe the coconut milk or wholesoy? ) Anyways... It's divine when it's warm!! So glad you loved the bars and thanks for the other reviews! I wish they would do a pumpkin one for the holidays! :-\ Or an apple spice! *Sigh, if only...


Totally agree about the PB flavor. Ummm. There is no peanut butter in there!!!

I love the orange cranberry and banana walnut though!


Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food)  

Awesome review!

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