Sunday, October 12, 2008


  • Superfood Slam: I was surprised about two things when I opened this bar; (1) it was green & (2) it had chocolate in it. I was not surprised, however, that it was absolutely delicious!

  • Nutty Banana Blast: I thought I was eating a piece of banana bread. Amazing!

  • Maple Pecan: Like a healthy pecan pie - I really liked this flavor.

  • Koka Moka: A semi-sweet balance of chocolate and coffee with a deep brown color and solid taste.

  • Cocoa Pistachio: This variety is a nice balance of chocolate and nuts.

  • Cherry Pretzel: This bar needs less pretzels and a lot more cherries! It was my least favorite.

Overall, I really enjoyed the ProBars that I tried. A big thanks goes to Mr. Kendall Card over at ProBar for sending me these free samples! I really appreciate it. Trying to follow their concept of enjoying them as a meal replace, I had some for breakfast (Nutty Banana Boom, Mape Pecan) with fresh fruit and some for lunch (Superfood Slam) with a few lettuce leaves. They also work great as snacks. When I had 2.5 hours of volleyball practice after school, I knew I could count of a ProBar at lunch to keep me going.

Speaking of volleball....our City Tournament was on Friday. We played for 8 hours! We won every single match (2 games = 1 match) until our very last game. With a point differential of only two, we lost and took 2nd place. We had fun though, and it was a great season.



Wow, eight hours of playing and still having the energy at the end of it to come second is pretty impressive. Congrats! The bars sound great. I wish I could get them here in the UK.


Wow, they all sound so yummy!

Isle Dance  

Yum, yum and fantastic! :o)

Snooky doodle  

Hi Katie
Thanks for visiting my blog I m glad you like it :)

just me  

wow, all those bars sound amazing! i just wish they weren't so expensive so i could try them!


Ooh, they sound yummy! I love the combinations, some of them are so creative :)

That Girl  

The superfood sounds yummy!


I'd totally go for the maple pecan flavor - yum!!

Congratulations on your volleyball tournament results!!

Erin of Care to Eat  

Isn't free stuff the best?!


the bars sound so delicious, and congrats to reaching second place in volleyball!


The banana and maple sound really good. I love tasty treats that you don't have to feel guilty about.


Yay! I'm so glad that you got yourself some free samples :o) And that they were AWESOME! I've never tried a ProBar before, but all of the flavors sound fantastic! Thanks for the review!!

Congratulations on your volleyball tournament success - 2nd place is great!!

Hey Harriet  

Wow! 8 hours of volleyball! You certainly have a lot of energy! I'd have to sleep 2 days straight after all that running around ;)

Love the sound of the Koko Moka bar! Nice for you to score freebies :)


Wow-you need all that energy! Those flavors sound delicious!


8 hours is a lot of volleyball, you must have been really tired! But congrats on doing so well.
Those bars sound really nice, but I always find 1 cereal bar is never enough lol.
Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog, I hope you are ok


Just wanted to say I love your blog! Especially the name--so cute. I'll be stopping by lots :)


I haven't seen those yet. They sound interesting.


Pity about the 2nd placing, but that's pretty good still, isn't it? And playing for 8 hours, wow!


You are the first and last word on energy bars- my go-to guide.

Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food)  

Great review!

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