Friday, November 14, 2008

How Much is that Kitty in the Window?

These were taken a while back, before the leaves changed...


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Awww so cute


Stop with the adorable cat photos!!! I can't take it anymore! ;)


Don't stop! I love them!:)


i love cats! i have two kittens, olive and milo. very cute!


Seriously, that cat is the most intriguing, beautiful one I've ever seen!! So unique-looking!!

Mallory Elise  

well, like with everything it varies--if you move to a french speaking country, it will be difficult for you at first, and intimidating, and you will hate it. no one will understand you, and you will feel like a clutz. BUT that's when you have to really really want to learn, and from that all it is is sucking up the embarrassment, and speaking, speaking non stop. and when a native looks at you funny remember this: why aren't they somewhere else learning another language hmmm? thats what helped me. eventually your friends will stop thinking about how you say it and rather what you are saying, and then you actually wont think about the fact you are speaking a different language. so yes, speaking with a native speaker is difficult and makes you feel like an ass, but it is the ONLY way. you'll do it. the one rule is you can't be embarrassed!


Oh my god your cat is so cute.

Thanks for the info on alkalizing. I am going to have to find out more about it.


That Girl  

What a sweet kitty!


Your cat is gorgeous! I love that kind of cat! What are they called? If I wasn't allergic, I would have one! :(

Hey Harriet  

Oh your kitty is so cute! I love the third photo best, with his big googly eyes! :)


I just love that little face! Smoochysmoochysmoochy!!!


What a cute and really cuddly looking cat :)


what a precious little kitty!!!! what kind of cat is that? i love her puffy face.

Food For Tots  

Oh! It is so CUUUUUTE! Just like my son's soft toy. Can I give him a hug?

Isle Dance  

Precious baby. :o)


Mitzi is so cute! What priceless piccies ^_^


What a beautiful kitty, can't get enough. !!!


So cute. Looks like he's thinking about jumping the birdie outside the window.

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