Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lucky No. 7

Seven is my lucky number. Not because of the saying "lucky seven" - it's my softball number. So here are seven of my recent lunches. Some of them are alkalizing and some are just regular lunches from before I started that diet.

Also, I was recently tagged by Fleur & Paulina. Thanks, ladies. So, going with the theme of the day, here are my random seven facts...

1. I am obsessed with lotion. My skin is extremely dry, so I am always looking for a miracle lotion. If you guys have any tips or tricks, please let me know.
2. I am really, really good at keeping secrets.
3. I love warm showers, heating pads, blankets...anything that will keep me warm!
4. I think about food a LOT. Like, way too much. WAY too much :P
5. I am mastering the art of positive thinking.
6. I have never had a "best friend." I have some GREAT friends and a ton of good friends, but I've never had a bestie.
7. I like bright colors, sunny days and trying new things. I think life is quite boring without these things.



great lunches! #7 reflects a lot in your photos...:)


oh my gosh! your pictures are adorable! i hope to keep in touch :)


love the pictures. great lunches. i love Lara bars.


Your lunches are amazing and the photos are beautiful!!!
Cute facts =)


love your lunches... they look so colourful and healthy. You have inspired to eat healthier too ;p


Great lunches! Those salads all look gorgeous and delish! I am fan of coconut oil for dry skin. It works wonders, just apply it like you would lotion. It can be greasy so you might want to wear a robe or something. I am a fanatic about keeping!


Your lunches look downright inspirational! I'm a big fan of Larabar's too- apple pie is my fave


I agree with you on numbers 3, 4, and 7!

Also, I absolutely love your lunches - they're so healthy and varied!

That Girl  

I love the fresh fruit and nut combo


WOW such beautiful photos! I love them! They made me kinda hungry too ... ;-)


I like your 7 lunches!

mark's birthday is july 7. :D

I am trying to master the art of positive thinking. :D See, wasn't that positive.


I wish I ate that healthy when I was your age. They lunches all look really bright and delicious.

It's great to learn more about you.


you need to add larabar obsession to your list!! haha

i love heating pads too!! i used to sleep with one all the time, but my stepdad took it out of my room and hid it from me!! he said that heating pads can cause fires and burns when you sleep with them. eeeekk!!

Isle Dance  

What beautiful, beautiful nourishment. Thank you so much for sharing. :o)


cuernavaca is a indigenous name, and it means "place near the forest"=D


Thanks for sharing your lunches!! And some great facts about yourself :o) I'm with you on #4 and #7.


These all look very healthy and yummy! You can make my lunch any day - I find lunch is the hardest meal to prepare.


There is an award for you on my blog :)


Your lunches look amazing! Not just the food, but the presentation!! :) thanks for sharing.


Ahh, I would LOVE to have your lunches! Is it crazy that I've never had a LaraBar before?! I need to jump on the bandwagon! I love your facts...I'm the same way with #3- I sleep with a heating pad every night! Have a wonderful day, girl!


I love your lunches! Wish mine were as healthy as yours :P


Brim over I agree but I contemplate the post should prepare more info then it has.


Again a honesty a possessions post. Thank your also pen-friend

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