Friday, November 7, 2008

I Remember

Hello! It has been a while, hasn't it? I promise, I have not forgotten you. I have been fairly busy with school and my job. I do have some news, however. I am on a gluten-free vegan alkalizing "diet" for the next 30 days. Not a diet in the "lose weight" sense of the word, but in the attain better health sense. My acid/alkaline balance is WAY acid. This is most likely due to extremely acidic water, but I am alkalizing my body just to be safe.

This means that I am eating very few carbohydrates. Almost all of my protein comes from almonds as they are the only alkaline-producing nuts that are available to me. Foods you won't think of as acid-forming - bananas, Brazil nuts, plums - are things that I will be staying away from for a while. I'll post some of my lunches very soon. I promise. In the mean time, enjoy autumn before winter sneaks up on us.



Cool, I can't wait to see your lunches =)

Isle Dance  

Good for you - and what pretty pictures!


Good luck with your cleansing diet. The fall photos are great.


Welcome back!!

Amazing photos; and HOORAY FOR ANOTHER GLUTEN-FREE BLOGGER!!! Good luck with the cleanse :0)


Love the pics. Looks like you're using a 50mm 1.8 or 1.4, are you?

Funny you mentioned the cleanse, I JUST picked up a book on an alkalizing cleanse...and I'm just not ready yet to do it.

I just read on you're profile that you're 14. Seriously? Wow. You rock.


Lovely pictures! I am jealous of anyone who gets to experience a real fall! I am definitely interested in hearing more about the diet as I think about doing something similar all the time.

Hey Harriet  

Oh I was wondering why you've been so quiet here of late. Looking forward to seeing more of your yummy lunches. All the best with the new diet! And lastly, I LOVE those photos :)

Food For Tots  

Nice shots! Great health leads to great wealth! ;)


The diet seems very healthy, I love your pics, specially the one with the shrooms coming out of the grass!

That Girl  

I'm so jealous of people who have autumn!


How did you eve know to check your alkaline level?



lovely photos! can't wait to hear all about your new eating plan ... I seriously need to detox hehe ... love the new banner on top =)

Mallory Elise  

thank you for the nice words--i miss my cat already...:(

oh but your site is looking great--layout changes, everything, and your photography (i hate it when people say this because im like, what you mean it was bad before?) but it is progressing wonderfully! i love blogs for that--i can look back a year and say "gahhhhhk! i took that photo? thats terrible!!" blogs are portfolios no?

the tea cakes are very pretty.

hope you are still liking french class!



Good luck with your new diet - I'm excited to hear your thoughts about it because I've thought about going gluten-free in the past (due to stomach issues).


I love your photographs they always look so good. Ive been meaning to take some photos I keep seeing so many pretty things when Im out
Ps youve been tagged


You've been tagged!


Never though bodies can be alkalized/acidified. Hope it works out well for you!


Great photos!
I love a good cleanse; we tend to pursue ours in the spring, but a fall cleanse sounds like a fantastic idea.

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