Monday, August 4, 2008

Indigo River Jewelry Debut [!]

Pennsylvania was great, and I'm planning a big post about my trip. But first, I had something very important to share with you.

Click the link, please.

Clink the link, OK?

Clink the link.

Clink the link now.

Click it. Right. Now.

All right, I'm getting a little harsh. But this is my baby. I have been dreaming of selling my jewelry for almost two years now. So here it is, for the world to see. I am proud. I'll post the rest of my current batch later - it is 12:19 PM and I worked today. So, yeah, I'm tired. But I'm excited, too. Enjoy.



Katie - what link do I click? lol :) Your jewelry is beautiful and here's wishing you lots of great sales with it! To answer your question about the Tasty Tools blogging event, yes... any recipe goes as long as a whisk is involved and a picture of your tool at work is submitted with the recipe/blogpost. :)


I clicked on the link, and I love your work Katie. Unfortunately I cannot purchase because I am outside the States, but your earrings are very elegant, and you have a real talent.


Yes I did too ..... Click the link!
Beautiful jewelry Katie, Wish you a lot of success with selling your creation! And I am sure you will! Cheers.


You are a true artist. Those are beautiful, just like your photos and food.


Ahh, this is absolutely fabulous!!! I make my own jewelry for fun, and have sold some of my pieces at craft exhibitions, so I know how exciting this is :0) Hooray!!


Congrats on finally being able to sell your beautiful jewelry on Etsy!


Katie, you're jewelry is gorgeous! Oh yeah, and I honestly clicked every link, just to make sure I didn't miss anything - ha! I'm a bit slow...but congratulations, that's fabulous news!!


Congratulations! Your jewlery is beautiful and that is so great that you get to sell it on Etsy!

Purva Desai  

I love junk jewellary...and i never step out without matching jewellary. These earrings are really fab...
and I like the colours they are nicely paired.


Nicely done, Katie! I'm a big fan of the metallic square ones- they're really unique. Your colors are all well-paired.

Peggy the Veggie  

:) Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Yeah, I hear you on the awful unhealthiness and unveganness of school food. Home-packed lunches is the way to go, until we've got some real options


You make lovely jewelry!

You made a comment on my blog asking if I designed it myself and the answer is No, I didn't! My blog was designed entirely by Shera at Sweet 'n Simple Designs (link on my right sidebar at the bottom). She is wonderful! I HIGHLY recommend her- every design she does is unique.


Congratulations!! That's so amazing! Your jewelry is very beautiful.

I market stelabird through myspace!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique  

Hi Katie! As far as online promotion, networking is best. Go around introduce yourself like you have been doing.
Locally, invest in some business cards. There are lots of places online that do them for a great price. Take your card and jewelry around to boutiques. Build up your inventory and see if you can get someone to host an in home "jewelry party" closer to the holidays. Have ready-made items, but be open to customs, and have photos of past designs.
Hope that helps some.


Very beautiful jewelry!! I'm excited for you.

I haven't tried making sun tea, but I am intrigued by it as well. I do like tea, and making it using the sun's heat sounds great!


Lovely jewellery, Katie! You left a comment on my blog asking how I spread the word about my shop. Here are some great sites to help you get started:

WEBSITES: (business cards) (for chick owned businesses)


Facebook is also a great place for free advertising. Most important is word-of-mouth and repeat buyers.

This, combined with the great advice above, will help you grow your business. Don't get discouraged if it takes a while - just keep on going! :)

Rosebud Collection  

Beautiful jewelry and you should be proud..What a wonderful job you have done in making it...My daughter is the jewelry maker..She is really good at it and I am so proud of her..I am the other half of our store.
Thanks for your lovely comments..was very kind of you..Will bookmark you and visit often..


You're very talented Katie. They're really beautiful. And comgratulations on your jewelery store too.


Hey Katie, your creations are gorgeous, I'm so impressed. I hope I can get better in jewelery making one day ... congratulations on your new shoppe!


Congratulations on your new shop! Your jewelry is lovely, and I wish you great success!

Bryan,Charlotte, and Taylor  

I love those ear rings they are great! Congratulations!


i havent gone to visit fam. in PA for awhile. i go near pittsburg where do you go?


I like the red and black ones! congrats and welcome to our world lol, as for marketing - just keep blogging theres lots of ideas and tips on marketing on the forums in etsy too just ask around. heres the link to the main resources where you'll find alot of new ideas:

La Alicia  

Thanks fos stopping by my blog - I sent you an Etsy convo. :)

Bryan,Charlotte, and Taylor  

Hey I hope you don't mind I put a link to this page on my other blog! I have some friends that will love your stuff! I plan on purchasing some soon! Good Luck!


Hi Katie,
Awesome job putting your store together. The pictures are great and your jewelry is beautiful. I wish you much success!


good job katie! now only if my ears were pierced.


I want them all!
I am so jealous... I've been wanting to get into exactly that type of jewelry making for years.
I'll have to settle for yours. We're in the process of moving so I won't do anything yet... But I'll be back (I clicked)
Oh, and I live in France... but we can sort that out!


Beautiful. I love them!

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