Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feeling Crafty?

Are you in a creative mood? How about making a Jewelry Frame? This was actually my lovely mama's can see her frame below (it is the last photo of the post.) OK, so the first step is to get your supplies together. Spray paint color of choice, sharp scissors, a cute picture frame & window screen.
Lay your picture frame out on the screen. Cut a large piece - larger than you think you need.
Next, hang up your screen outside. I suppose you could lay it down on some old newspaper, but this method worked best for me (and my mom.) I pinned mine to a garden climber, but you could pin yours to a close line or even a tree branch.
Spray the screen until you are happy with the color - I used white spray paint, and it took three coats until I was satisfied.
We're back inside! Remove the glass from the frame. Now, use a staple gun to secure the screen to the frame from the inside. I don't have pics from this step because my dad did this part for me. I guess I'm not old enough to use a staple gun haha.

Carefully cut around the edge of the picture frame to remove the excess screen. If you don't, it will look funny. In the photo below, I am holding two things - clear thumbtacks and those weird plastic round earring backs that are becoming more and more popular. I hate those earrings backs - they hurt my ears and stick out from behind my infant-sized earlobes. Yes, I have very small ears. Anyways...I included this photo for a reason. Just like you would attatch a pair of stud earrings to the frame, use the thumbtack as the "earring" part, and the earring back for...well, you get the picture. Then I hung a necklace on one (see first photo, right side of diptych) and a pair of hoop earrings on two. And you can barely see them! Hence the clear tacks.

It's time to hang your earrings! The frame below is my mom's - as you can see, she has more earrings than I do. And, in case you were wondering, the teddy bears are significant - the one with the daffodil was given to her by her bff when my aunt died a while back. My sister made the one in the very back with the black button eyes & nose.

So there you have it! The first craft from TSC. What do you think?



oh my goodness - that's a GREAT idea! it's gorgeous, it even looks like that could be decoration by itself, you know? ahhh so pretty! :) thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea!


Oh my gosh, that is such a cute idea! I totally love it.


What a great idea you have such nice earrings and the bears are cute too

Michelle Hisae  

Thumbs up. I can't wait to try and make my own!

Murasaki Shikibu  

What a great idea! I'm afraid I'm no good with crafts though - and I don't think I'm 'old enough' to use a staple gun! ;)




I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I'm totally going to try it out sometime =)


omg i love that idea, totally cute! your adorable katies :)


I love it! Looks great and functional too!


What a precious craft! Great job. Looks excellent!

Food For Tots  

What a creative idea! Now it looks like a piece of art!

• friX •  

Cute :-)


How beautiful! You're really good!~ :D


Love what you did with this project! The possiblities are endless!

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This is a great idea... I love dangling earrings and having a hard time in keeping it and most of the time i do lost it somewhere..

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Your earring are all lovely..

Display homes  

us teddies so cuteeee.... :)

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