Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seasonal Obsession

One word: strawberries. These sweet little lovelies are appearing at breakfast (the bar is from GO MACRO, review coming soon,) lunch (pbj & baby carrots + green pepper on the side,) dinner (the burrito is an Amy's Kitchen burrito YUM,) and dessert. Oh, and snacks, too...

Please excuse my alien photos - it's kind of late at night, and I'm not exactly sure what happened with these two. Also excuse my random-ness, I'm kind of giddy & sleep right now. So...what have you all been up to? How was your Easter? The day before Easter was beautiful here - warm weather, blue sky - but Easter itself was rainy and gray. Boo! But at least no snow :) :) Why the double smiley-face? Well there's NO SCHOOL on Friday. Yay! How about another smiley just for fun? :) Can you tell I had a good day? :)

PS: I typed the final smile inadvertently. Seriously. Heehee. Also: these pictures are not a full day's eats, they are from different days (and mealtimes) throughout the week.


Alisa - Frugal Foodie  

Ooh, I haven't had one of those Go macro bars in ages. Some of them are really good!


ahhh i've never heard of a macro bar!


I love strawberries too, cant get enough of them :) Enjoy your day off school


I love the time of year where straweberries start tasting of strawberries again!




I love strawberries and often have to have them on hand to snack on!


I love Amy's Burritos! And strawberries are my favorite fruit!


hi hun
great eats :) especially the last pic...i love sammies :) and strawberries!
hope you had a wonderful easter!!
much love


I love it when Strawberries are at their peak and they are so sweet and juicy. Mmm.


Oh wow, strawberries!! =D


I luv strawberries! You are eating really healthy

Murasaki Shikibu  

We've had strawberries for some time now. I love them.

Those are really tiny portions of food. That's how much I eat when I'm on a diet!


I have been eating strawberries EVERYday lately - I can't get enough of them!


Mmm, I totally adore strawberries. I think I share your seasonal obsession!


You made me laugh with this post. Cute.

I love strawberries and smilie faces too. Here are two for you.

:-) :-)

Take care!


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