Saturday, April 4, 2009


See that photo down there? That's my math homework. I also have four projects & a hearty chunk of Great Expectations to read. Yay high school! If you have time, check out these great giveaways:

  • Bobbi from N Her Shoes is giving away a super cute Danskin pullover.
  • CG from Unconvering Food is giving away Clif Z-Bars + coupons.
  • Janice & Liz from Meal Makeover Mom's Kitchen are giving away an immersion blender.
  • Katie (love her name! hehe) from Chocolate-Covered Katie is giving away "CCV In a Box."
  • Rachelle from Mommy? I'm Hungry! is giving away a gift certificate to EcoStore USA.
On a more personal anorexia recovery has been going really well. I have been in recovery for a year now as of March. Thinking back to my first few experiences with recovery and how difficult the overall process has been for me, I am very glad that I chose recovery over hospitalization or death (which is what would have eventually happened if I had let my ED continue to control my life.) I have been dealing with a lot of ups and downs lately, but today was a good day, and I am looking to more good days in the future.
PS: What do you think of the blog facelift?



I'm so glad to hear that your recovery is going so well. That's wonderful news. As for the homework, you can do it!!


Glad to hear things are going well.
And I totally love the new blog layout! Beautiful in design.



LOVE the new blog look, I don't know how you do it. Seriously I don't have the patience or the skill haha


I think the facelift looks beautiful! Perfect color scheme for spring!


Love the new blog look. Condolences on the homework. I'm a teacher myself and got a little pang of guilt when I saw how much you have to do. Shall give my classes less this week and tell them to thank a young and talented US blogger. :)


hi hun
im so glad to hear recoverys been going well :)
and love the blog facelift!!


love the new look blog and glad to hear recovery is going so well.

Murasaki Shikibu  

I'm pleased to hear you are making a recovery from anorexia. As a foodie I can't think of anything worse. I had a friend back in highschool and though she was 5ft. 1 in. just like me and we both were 98-100 lbs, she kept remarking that she looked fat and that I was slim. She had anorexia. I think it helped a bit when we actually borrowed tight fitting clothes from each other and wore them because it kind of proved that she was at least as slim as I was - but it was really difficult to convince her otherwise. :(

Nicole (  

I'm glad to hear your recovery is going well! It's very inspiring to hear how well you are doing.

Love the new look, too! :D


So delighted to read that you are recovering nicely - hang in there, girl.

LOOOOVE the "blog facelift" for sure!! :-)


thanks for the short & sweet comment!
Love the blog "facelift" though I don't know what it looked like before, haha.
Great job with recovery- keep t up girl! ;-)


i'm glad to hear that everything is going well! keep it up :)


its great to hear that your recovery is going well :)
LOVE the new layout! super cute


its great to hear that your recovery is going well :)
LOVE the new layout! super cute

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen  

Congrats on your recovery - that is such awesome news! :)


LOVE the blog facelift - HATE the math homework!! :)

So glad to hear your anorexia recovery is going well, you have the perfect attitude!

• friX •  

Keep up the good work !!


Glad to hear that your recovery is going well. Hang in there and before you know it, the rough days will be gone. I love the new look of your blog. Keep up the awesome work!

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