Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Obsessed

Why yes, I do eat strawberries daily. The obsession lives on!! For brekkie I had a big bowl of cereal with some Mareblu Almond Crunch, bananas, and strawberries. It was pretty dang filling!
I just realized that this lunch is kind of small...*scolds ED*...I'll pack better next time.
This was one of the increasingly rare occasions that my parents allow me to have a meat-free dinner (I've been going to a nutrition again, just every so often - and let me tell ya, my mom is obsessed with protein now!) Believe, I would be vegan all the way if they'd let me. Anywho, I had some creamy hummus, raw broccoli, carrots, and falafel.
And dessert! A Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie from the Alternative Baking Co. - review coming soon! Also, some Unsweetened Original Living Harvest Hemp Milk review coming soon! Is there an echo in here? I think there is.



Strawberries are definitely one of most favorite summer fruits!


Oh wow, I want that chocolate chip cookie! :P


Hi Katie,

Your meals look so appetizing and colourful! I love the new look of your blog too!


i love strawberries :)
and that cookie looks SO good!


I want strawberries! Come on Farmer's! haha


Strawberries are def. one of my favorite fruits, especially when they are in season and so red and ripe!

I love hummus with anything, especially falafel! YUM!! :)

Answering your question about raw vs. cooked, I feel a lot better when I eat mostly raw. I have more energy, feel more euphoric, have clearer skin, better sense of well being! :)


Like you, I love having fresh berries on hand, especially strawberries! I share your obsession :)


Yup, I am still obsessed with the strawberries too!


hurray for the strawberries season ... I can't get enough of them too :)


I've been eating strawberries everyday, too... with vanilla yogurt.



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whoa! nice meal.. so healthy for your body

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